– Everyday Tips for a Greener Lifestyle

Reducing and Reusing – the other R’s

Americans make millions of pounds in waste each day, if each of us does our part we can lower that poundage for future generations and help preseve the landfill areas instead of filling them.  There are many ways to reduce waste at home, work, school, the movies, while shopping, etc.  Here are some tips I would like you to take to heart.

For one, try to use a reusable water bottle.  It amazes me that so many people still purchase an insane amount of plastic water bottles.  There are single individuals who purchase them by the cases for only their use.  Please take the time to go out and purchase a Kleen Kanteen for everyone in your household, and use it.  It fits in cup holders, lasts forever, and is so much better for you and the environment.  I hope I see you using one the next time I spot you at the movies, gym, and beyond.  If I don’t, please please please recycle that bottle and cap.  It hurts my heart when I see those bottles end up in the garbage.

Next try using reusable bags.  I still struggle with this one as I am always forgetting them in the car when I go into the store, but I am slowly getting better, and if I forget them in the car I don’t bag my items until I get back to the car.  I strongly suggest you get some to have in the house and the car.  I find them handy for everything from bringing home purchases, taking back returns, taking items on trips, bringing something to a friends place, as an overnight bag, or even a lunch sack.  Try it out.

Finally, monitor what you throw away versus what you recycle.  You will be amazed at how that single act of consciousness will change how you live.  You will realize how much packaging something has and might make an effort to minimize that packaging, or you will find that it is recycleable and you have been throwing it away instead of making that extra effort to recycle it.  I truly feel that this one act alone will inspire you to minimize your waste and live a more conscious life.  It opened my eyes and started me on this journey, that I hope will impact you in a positive way.

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