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My Journey Down the Scales

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My journey started like so many others do. For years I tried and tried to lose weight, from various diet pills, to Atkins, to South Beach, to Weight Watchers. You name it and I either tried it or read about it and decided it wasn’t for me. I watched shows like The Biggest Loser and Survivor for inspiration to lose weight by exercise.  I hired personal trainers, joined gyms, even had my husband buy me an elliptical machine for Christmas; all with no major change. If there was an easy fix, a way to lose weight without thinking about it too much, I was all about it, but the minute it got hard, or personal, or emotional, I ran for the hills.

That’s why Weight Watchers worked for me, at least initially. I could eat whatever I wanted and use points, go to meetings and gain inspiration and inspire others, but it was never too personal or too emotional and it didn’t require me to change. But that was also the problem with Weight Watchers and why it ultimately didn’t work for me.  I needed to change.

That’s when I met Tonja.

Tonja Noretto is a health coach who not only supported me through nutritional education, but also through weekly checkins where we talked about how I was feeling, what I was dealing with, and methods I could use to cope with my life change.

In 5 months, I lost 52 pounds and gained a new appreciation for my health.  I would highly recommend the program (Take Shape for Life), but Tonja more specifically, to anyone facing circumstances similar to mine.  Get a hold of her here.


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