– Everyday Tips for a Greener Lifestyle

Happy Earth Day! Let’s Change the World One Thing at a Time. What’s your One Thing?

I always do what I can to be green.  I’m a diligent  recycler. I conserve energy by unplugging unused appliances and installing smart strips around my home.  When in public, I’ll take other people’s recyclable trash home if they were going to toss it in the trash (or elsewhere). Heck, during Earth Hour, I not only turn off the lights, I cut power to my house.  But, there is something that has been my achilles heel for a long time.  Laundry.

I’m ashamed to admit it, but I hate doing laundry.  Now I’ll grant you, that’s not a real juicy admission, but wait,  it gets worse.  I loathe laundry.  The real visceral type of loathing where I wouldn’t stop to help it if it were dying on the side of the road and I had the magical power to save its life.  I despise laundry in such a grandiose way that sometimes I daydream about a laundry-less  society where we all where disposable clothing to eliminate the need to launder our clothes.  As a result, I’m lazy about it.

Oh, I’m great at starting the laundry.  I’ll pile it up, separate the dark colors, light colors, whites, delicates, towels and everything else.   But as the spin cycle wraps up I begin to think about all the folding, the hanging, the ironing, and…oh is that Grey’s Anatomy on?  That seems like a much better thing to do than the LAUNDRY.  And after that’s over, it’s much too late to start the dryer or hang laundry up or any of the other mind-numbing laundry related tasks there are.

So it sits until tomorrow.

And then, well, it needs to be rewashed because it has acquired the familiar left-too-long-in-the-washing-machine smell that would simply be mortifying if anyone else were to catch a sniff.  And that’s the problem.  I waste too much energy on washing and rewashing clothing.  What’s worse,  sometimes I’ll think the left laundry will be passable if sent through the dryer only to discover that it isn’t; necessitating another cycle through the washer AND dryer.  Yes, I’m a terrible person.

So, my One Thing this year is to end the endless (spin) cycle of washing and rewashing my clothing and stop wasting water and energy.  I think I need to sit down.

Now that I’ve shared my One Thing, what is yours?


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