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Earth Day Special: 7 Green Products and Deals For Your Baby!

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Earth Day has come again and I thought I would take the time to write about something that is particularly important in my own life right now-Babies!

I am pregnant with my first child now and I now find myself navigating the seas of green baby products.  Luckily, new parents like me have so many options for eco-friendly products and deals that have simply never been available before. Here are seven of my favorites:

1. gDiapers

gDiapers are a cloth/disposable diaper hybrid which employ an outer, reusable shell to house their disposable inserts.The inserts are unique in that you can flush them, compost them, or throw them away and they are 100% biodegradable.  Best of all, they’re pretty darn cute!

2. Belle Baby Carriers

Belle Baby Carriers are part of a new generation of businesses committed to doing business in a sustainable way.  They offer four different kinds of organic carriers all manufactured from their headquarters in Colorado.

Organic Cloth Collection3. Bumkins Certified Organics Collection

The Bumkins Certified Organics Collection is good for the environment and good foryour baby!  Cutting out harmful chemicals and dyes, Bumkins bibs, cloths, and towels make it easy to be green.

4. Babies R Us Free Tote

Babies R Us is offering a free reusable tote with purchase of any of their eco-friendly toys or natural & organic baby items on Earth Day (April 22, 2010).  This is worth it just for the tote as their selection of designs is downright adorable.

5. miYim Organic Cotton Toy Collections

miYim makes the perfect play-things for eco-conscious homes.  Made with certified organic cotton and lots of love, these collections are great additions to the family.  Can I recommend the Baby Ben Plush Frog (pictured)?  I find it particularly precious.

6. Method Baby & Kids

Method Baby & Kids products are gentle on both the earth and your child.  Method products are very popular in my house and will be my product of choice when I have my new bundle of joy.

7. Born Free Feeding

The Born Free Feeding system is a leak proof BPA-free baby bottle.  That alone might be enough to sell you, but when you add in that they also have a program where they take old products you don’t need anymore and recycle them into new product lines, it’s enough to make you jump for joy.

I hope you find this list useful and wish you all a very Happy Earth Day!

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