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About GreenGal is a site dedicated to providing readers like you everyday tips to help minimize your personal carbon footprint on the planet.  Intended for general public consumption, GreenGal will make a difference in your health, wealth, and well-being.  Created from a general consumers perspective, takes a keep-it-simple approach to building a greener lifestyle – the practical way.

Every post you read here will be similar in tone, but each will have its own unique purpose.  Most will offer suggestions of how to implement a greener choice into your own life, while others might offer a first-hand experience or recommended product.  My hope is that this site will forever change the way we all consume; for us and those to come.

Mission – Initial Post

Today marks a pivotal time in my life, a turning point of sorts, a day when I practice what I preach, or is it preach what I practice?

I have been asked by quite a few people why I’ve decided to start a “Green” blog. Truth be told I’m not the most “Green” person I know, and a few years ago I probably wouldn’t have even thought twice about my footprint on the earth. That is exactly why I am starting this site. Because now, knowing what I know, I can not believe how ignorant I was, and honestly I don’t think it was entirely my fault.

I believe that since the 1960’s our world has become a scary place. A place where consumerism has skyrocketed and values have plummeted. A place where recycling has become a “hassle” and driving a gas guzzling SUV has become the ideal. I do believe these times are about to change, and with your help I know that every human being can help make the world a better place – for us all.

Welcome to my blog, my “Green” blog, welcome to

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